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We absolutely welcome bookings through third party websites who play a valuable role in hosting online booking platforms. But from past experience we feel its important that you know that often their terms and conditions will vary from our own to avoid misunderstandings following cancellations and no shows etc. So for those booking through third party websites you will have automatically agreed to those t's and c's.* In the case of Craft Courses dot com, you will have read that your full name and contact details are kept safely by them and your payment until up to a week after you attend at Woodsetton when roughly 85% (2023) is passed to craftworkers. The important difference, in brief ; they allow for a full refund or rescheduling up to two weeks before a workshop runs (as we do at Woodsetton) but don’t allow for refund or rescheduling in the last two weeks before a workshop runs. 

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