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How accessible are we?

General Access Information 
Give us a ring on 01902 883429 if you have anything you wish to discuss. 
We are currently updating our access details as we are having new building works done in the spring and summer of 2023, so please drop us an email and ask for our full access leaflet which will have door and step sizes (existing sizes listed below). 

We regularly make special arrangements for those who need extra help so just let us know your needs in plenty of time so that we can do our very best to accommodate, and please feel free to arrange an exploratory visit before you book.

Potters Wheels

We have seven wheels which can accommodate those of different heights, sitting or standing and one which can be wheelchair accessible. These are a mixture of foot or hand operated machines.



The drive is a fairly gentle gravel slope and If you have movement difficulty and wish to park at the top let us know ahead and we can reserve a space for you. 


For those with hearing or vision problems there is generally no problem, just let us know. For helping dogs, the studio is within a secure walled garden. And if you need any further information in a different format, let us know.


Bringing a non participating helper

In the warm summer months we can arrange to throw on the wheel and make pots in a heated marquee, and because the space is much larger than the studio we can sometimes accommodate a helper to sit free of charge. Or of course they can also book in the normal way and have their own wheel. If you'd like to bring a helper in winter we apologise that we can't offer free space as we are only able to fit a maximum of 6 in the studio so that everyone can move about safely and so it isn't economical. Obviously they are welcome to book in the normal way.


Doors and steps

The pottery studio has a door width of 710mm and a threshold of 60mm high.

We have a refreshment area with toilet off the conservatory of our house for visitors. The conservatory leading to toilet is has three steps of 130mm,130mm and 220mm high with a door 720mm wide to the conservatory, and 710mm wide to the toilet. With advance warning and guidance from you we can to arrange to have people on hand to lift a wheel chair or provide assistance to climb the stairs. We have asked advice about a ramp but don't have the necessary distance in length to site a ramp with a sufficiently safe gentle gradient. The nearest disabled toilet is in The Bramford Arms which is 6 minutes walk or 3 minute drive 0.6 of a mile away. This is also where I recommend if you wish to go out for lunch. Asda supermarket in Sedgley is 0.8 of a mile away has accessible toilets. 

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