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Price: £35 - £95

Length: 3 - 6 hours

Attendance: Maximum 6

Price Variations 

Full Day: £95

Half Day: £45

(if you're returning after a previous workshop to decorate and glaze what you made there prices are £35 and £75 respectively, if this is the case call us to book)

You may wish to take the pots you have made at a beginners workshop through the whole process yourself, or you may be an experienced potter wishing to learn in more details about the glazing process.

This is Lorraine's area of speciality after working for for many years in this technical field in Stoke. She will take you through the many and various processes in as much detail as appropriate to you. This can include formulation, testing and application of glaze, underglaze, inglaze, engobes, stains and oxides, including techniques such as dipping, trailing, sponging, stencilling and brushing. This course can be taken by students who have already attended a day course and wish to decorate and glaze their own work and also professionally made tiles provided.

New students can bring up to 6 of their own bisque pots and full day students will be provided with a number of pieces or tiles fired to different bisque temperatures to practice the various techniques before setting to work on their own pots. Pieces are subsequently glaze fired by the potter for students to collect later.

These courses are not run as frequently as making days but dates can be arranged well ahead so just get in touch.

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