Lorraine makes a living by creating useful pots!


‘’Life without industry is guilt. Industry without Art is Brutality.’’ John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)


Established 1986

Pottery Workshops and Master Classes


Pottery workshops are run throughout the year in my well equipped garden studio, where I have four electric potters wheels, for those wishing to learn or improve their throwing skills and a wide variety of tools and equipment for hand builders and sculptors. For those wishing to learn about, or specialise in colours and glazing, I have a large and varied range of materials to work with. Firings are done in two electric, one gas kiln and also a Raku kiln. Pottery classes are for a maximum of seven students and can be tailored to suit your needs, but the following courses are a guide. Please note pottery courses are for adults above 16 years of age.


General Beginners Pottery Course (7 students maximum)

Can include hand building, extruding, and sculpting with time taken by each student to begin to learn to throw on the wheel.


Throwing (5 students maximum)

A day with exclusive use of your own wheel to learn the basics or improve your throwing and turning skills.



Details and Fees

The workshop days run from 10am - 4pm and can be arranged during the week or at the weekend. Workshops lasting more than one day or on consecutive days can also be arranged for groups of four people or more.


Local pubs can be recommended for lunch, or you are welcome to bring your own food and retire to the showroom or garden.


Included in the fee up to 6 pieces of work will be finished bisque fired and glazed with stoneware glazes. Additional work that you produce during the day can be taken away with you along with written instructions on how to do a basic pit firing in your own garden at no extra charge.


Subsequent tidying/turning, biscuit firing, glazing and glaze firing of additional work can be undertaken by myself at a charge of £2 per piece of work.


Depending on the thickness and size of pieces and prevailing weather, work will be ready to collect from the studio within about 4 weeks (for anyone who has been watching the “Pottery Throw Down” we get negligible pieces lost due to cracks because we don’t force dry the work as they do! )


Booking a Pottery Course

Please follow this link for the latest available course dates and times >>

Glazing (7 students maximum)

Formulation and application of glaze and colours including dipping, trailing, sponging, stencilling and brushing.


Raku Day (minimum 4 students)

Students can bring their own biscuit fired pieces ( N.B. check maximum size). We will decorate, glaze, and Raku fire out of doors during the day. You will also learn glaze recipes and mixing and many reduction and oxidation post firing techniques to achieve beautiful surfaces. There will usually be at least three firings and so there can be the opportunity to make a pot or two while each firing is reaching temperature.  Because of the cost of glazes, gas and post firing materials, I have to collect a minimum of four people together to run this course.

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